Who’s Jess Jess?

Hi Loves,

I have been for waiting a while for the moment that I could officially start writing my thoughts and share some art I make every day. It’s a way that I can share my thoughts and feelings because, well, I’m Jess and there’s always something up with me. I also recently moved into my first apartment, where I have been spending most of my time alone because my roommates aren’t officially moved in yet. Because of this, I reside in a nice cozy college home without any wifi. So, thankfully, my friends are here to help. They like to call me a stray cat because I wander from place to place without any real home.

Currently, I am a senior at UW-Milwaukee studying marketing and international business. Recently I joined an organization on campus called HerCampus where I write articles and share experiences through my writing with other college students around the world. 



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