Beauty break

Study breaks are necessary when it comes to the “midterm blues”. Being a business student and trying to balance all of the different activities I am involved in keeps me pretty busy. Despite this, I am very good (too good) at procrastinating. Trying to make sure that I get everything I need done and squeezing in room for my health doesn’t leave me much time for anything!


  • I really enjoy using the Aveda Chakra 1 mist because I notice that being aware of my body is very important when it comes to my health. The aroma that the mist has keeps me balanced by calming my nerves due to the stressful energy I give off. DSC_0037
  • I am truly obsessed with using Mario Badescu products! I use the Cleansing Gel as well as the Super Collagen Mask. Because my face is naturally oily, I like using the gel to keep my face away from dirt and excess oils. I use the mask to help my skin tone because the gel usually use ends up leaving my face red due to the sensitivity of my skin. DSC_0032

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