It’s October 3rd

2016 has been flying by, and now that it’s already October (I barely remember September). This is by far my favorite month of the year (my next favorites are July and December). I am so ready to take on this month with the help of my friends, tons of laughter and lots of coffee (now that a Starbucks is around the corner from my new apartment).

Lately I’ve been completely focused on planning out anything and everything and I’ve been trying to accomplish an extreme amount of work (everything works out but usually life always gets in the way, I should know that!) There are always bumps in the road, and yet, I still try to plan away. Right now I have been on a huge SOBer strike. I notice that last semester I spent most of my time in a bar than in the books. I told myself it is okay to be a sober college student and still have fun! Yet, there is one weekend I am very excited for Halloween. Every year I try and put a little thought in what I want to be. Last year I was a witch, rocking one of my favorite Free People dresses, and the next night I was a fun loving banana in honor of my favorite movie Despicable Me. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with my dogs because they mean so much to me and because I love watching dog movies and crying. The use of the dog filter is a typical obsession and I am not going to deny it. The addition of the second dog filter on Snapchat is probably my most used filter. And suddenly, it hit me: if I want to be a dog so badly in real life, that is what I should go as! I thought why not be the Snapchat filter of a dalmatian! Then I decided I definitely need two costumes or even more this year because Halloween falls on a Monday! With Halloween spooky parties all weekend I wanted to do a duo with my roomie! I thought of the creative idea of going as Mary-Kate and Ashley from New York Minute because they clearly were role models to us growing up. I also figured because the longer you live with someone, the more likely you start looking like them, and my roommate and I definitely are starting to combine. My third idea is a complete surprise! If you know my favorite Will Ferrell movie, then you definitely will have an idea. While coming up with all these ideas are fun, it is time to put an action to the plan! I can not wait for Halloween, yet I have to enjoy the next few weeks of fall.

xo Jessscreen-shot-2016-10-02-at-11-29-12-am



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