Home is whenever i’m with you

Lately, I have been reminding myself that fall is in the air and laughter can cure any type of stress. This past weekend I decided to visit home (once again), to catch up on beauty rest, munch on some home cooked meals, and watch the million shows my father and I love to watch because it was the premiere week for television. I also got to catch up with my best friends and did we have a ball!


September's jams🎶📻🎶

Bad Girl- Rihanna
Banks-Gemini Feed
Fade Out Lines -The Avener
Doubt(Summer Edit)-Shallou
Don't Wanna Be Your Girl-Wet
River- Bishop Briggs
The Artful Dodger-Mick Jenkins
I Don't Care-Ariana Grande
Time Of The Season-The Zombies
Holding A Heart-Girl Named Toby
Noisy Sunday-Patrick Watson
Can't Help Falling In Love-Elvis
Gone-Olivia Broadfield 
Breakin' Dishes-Rihanna
Wish You Were Here-Incubus
Perfect Illusion-Lady Gaga
Never Let Me Go-Florence And The Machine
How Did I Get Here-Odesza
I Found-Amber Run

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